Original Cinematic Music with Violin Solo

Richly expressive music with a compelling symphonic sound, featuring Gary’s solo violin soaring above and sometimes below the harmonies and rhythms.

Do you love the sound of a passionately played violin? Do you like cinematic movie music? Do you like instrumental music that paints a picture or tells a story? Well, then you’ll love “Melodia”, because the music on “Melodia” is all three of the above! This is a wonderful CD to relax to, to dream to, or to fall asleep to. It is also a wonderful antidote to rush hour traffic when played in your car. More than one artist listens to “Melodia” while painting. It is a stimulant to imagination.

Melodia was a first round contender in the 2006 Grammy competition in three catagories, including “Best Classical Crossover Album”.

“Melodia” is a full 54 minutes and 14 seconds long. Long enough to take your spirit on an enchanting magic carpet ride though a full range of feeling. This is also Gary’s first recording of all original music!

“For me, the best music awakens the beauty of the listener.”
–Gary Schnitzer