Frequently Asked Questions

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Are all CD's priced the same?
Yes. All CD’s, if you buy from us through PayPal, are $12 per CD, plus state tax for Texas residents. This price includes free shipping for all orders within the United States.

There is a shipping surcharge for all international orders. We only mail to a limited number of countries. Check out the answer to the FAQ “Do you ship worldwide?” for details.

Do you accept credit cards?
We no longer accept credit cards. If you wish to purchase by credit card, click on the “Buy at Amazon” button, or “Buy at iTunes” button, on the page of the CD you wish to purchase. Clicking on the Amazon button will take you to the page for that CD. Same for iTunes.
Will you deliver an order by a specific date?
Yes, but any exclusive requests – whether near or distant future – must be specified in the “Instructions from Buyer” field when using the PayPal shopping cart. You may also contact us via our Contact Page, and reference the PayPal order you have made. All standard orders are shipped within 24-48 hours of receipt via regular mail. If you need to expedite an order via overnight shipping it will incur additional shipping charges. If you wish to have an order held for a particular date in the future, we can do that too. All online orders will be confirmed via email.
How secure is the online shopping cart?
The PayPal shopping cart, and the information it transmits, is encrypted for security. PayPal is a reputable and proven payment service.
Can I order by mail with a personal check?
We would prefer that you order through our web site using the PayPal link.
Can you bill me but ship the CDs to an alternate address?

Yes. Make a note of it to us in the “Instructions from Buyer” field when using the PayPal shopping cart, and include the alternate address. OR, contact us through our Contact Page and reference the order you have just placed, letting us know where you would like the CD’s sent. We will include a gift card naming you as the sender, with a personal message, if you like.

How do I order autographed versions of the CDs?

We are pleased to send autographed CDs, and in fact Gary will sign it personally to a first name if you wish. Please be aware that the shrink-wrapping will be removed in order to do so. To request autographed versions, make a note of your request in the “Instructions from Buyer” field when using the PayPal shopping cart. OR contact us through our Contact Page and reference your PayPal order.

Please note we can only provide this service with CDs ordered directly from us using PayPal.

Do you ship worldwide?
We ship to the following countries outside the US:

Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, US Minor Outlying Islands, New Zealand, Denmark, France, Israel, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, Netherlands, Isle of Man, Canada, Finland, Ireland, and Italy.

PLEASE NOTE that there is an additional shipping surcharge for international orders. The surcharges are as follows: $5 on an order of 1 CD, an extra $8 on 2 CD’s, an extra $10 on an order of 3 to 4 CD’s, and $15 extra on over 4 CD’s.

We encourage customers outside the U.S. to place their orders via, or

If I provide you with my email address, will it be shared with anyone?
Absolutely not! We know that you care about how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate the trust that you place in us. You are the most important part of our business, and we are not in the business of selling or trading information about you to others.
Are your CD’s available for sale to retail stores and vendors at wholesale prices, for the purposes of resale?

Yes. If you are a store owner, online vendor, or other retail merchant, click HERE to go to our Wholesale Page.