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Two original poems

I used to write poetry, ages ago.  I just found two of them.  They’re not bad, actually.  I did a little revising on them, and am “re-publishing” them now for anyone who cares to read.  Enjoy!


Mammouth trunk of furrowed bark, rising from the ground,
rising till it splays out branches, with angry gnarls of brown.
Bent and shaking at the sky, they skitter out their fingers.
Devoid of leaf and life, the majesty still lingers.

My purpose in being a musician.

I thought this talk was a wonderful affirmation of what we do as musicians.  It speaks to me and what I do.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

I be playing at The Oasis on Joe Pool Lake for Valentine’s Day dinner tonight.

I’ll be playing at an open house in Dallas on Feb. 12

I’ll be playing at an open house at 6147 Northaven Road in Dallas, Feb. 12, Thursday, from 5-8 pm.

This is a preview showing of some fancy home for sale.  Art work from Southwest Gallery will be decorating the walls, and is for sale as well.

The event will actually be catered and wine will be served.  It is open to the public.
If you want to hear me play live, like free food, want to peruse some fine art paintings, OR are interested in buying a seriously nice home, please drop by.

Come hear me on Valentine’s Day

I’ll be playing on Valentine’s Day evening (Feb. 14th, 7-10) at “The Oasis Restaurant”at Lynn Creek Marina on Joe Pool Lake in South Grand Prairie, TX.

The Oasis has good food and a great rustic getaway atmosphere, and sits on the water.  It is one of my favorite local haunts, and a great place to go getaway on a day off!

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