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“Call of the Muse” CD recording now available on iTunes

My new CD recording, “Call of the Muse” is now available for preview and digital download on iTunes.

Click HERE.

My original songs now registered with BMI

All of my original songs are now registered with BMI.  This is a song writers and publishers agent that collects royalties for the “terrestrial” (though the air)  radio transmission of my audio tracks, as well as for the use of my songs by other performers.

I am still waiting on “Sound Exchange” to complete my application.  Sound Exchange is the company that collects royalties for the transmission of my audio tracks on Satellite and Internet Radio.

CD Production of “The Call of the Muse” is complete

Call of the Muse - Spirit Chants for Solo ViolinCD production of “Call of the MuseSpirit Chants for Solo Violin” is complete.  The CD’s are done and in shrinkwrap, ready to be sold.

Official release date is October 3rd!

More info on pre-release sales to come.

To order a pre-release copy now with a credit card, call me at 214-373-1245.

Mastering process of new CD still in process

The artwork/packaging of my new CD, “Call of the Muse” is done.  The mastering process, the final processing of the audio recording, is almost done.  It’s been difficult to get it finished to my satisfaction.  After all the work I’ve done on this recording, I don’t want to trip up right on the finish line!

So, hopefully, the finished manufactured product should be ready in August!

CD Production Update


The CD audio master is finally finished to my satisfaction, after going through two mastering engineers and 5 months of frustration.  It sounds good!

Art work is already done.

Art work and audio master will be sent in at the beginning of next week to the manufacturer for duplication.  Hopefully the final product, in shrinkwrap, will be done sometime by the end of July!

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