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"Sunset" video

I've created a musical slide show video titled "Sunset".  This is a powerful presentation of sunset photo images and music, evoking the power of nature's presence and spirit. 

The photos are ones I took around Taos, NM.....Crestone, CO......Joe Pool Lake, Texas....Lake Travis, Texas....and South Padre Island, Texas....

The music is a track titled "Sunset" from my CD "Call of the Muse". 

Click HERE to watch.

Music/Snow Video featuring my music

I snapped some photos around where I live during Dallas' recent record setting snowfall.  I've created a music video slideshow with my track "Out of the Darkness" as soundtrack.  This track is from my CD, "Melodia".

Click HERE to see it!  Enjoy.

Snow in Dallas-Pictoral taken by me

Dallas has just had a record snowfall. 

I snapped some pictures of my "backyard" which has been transformed into a winter wonderland.

Click HERE to see them.  Once at the page, click on "Slideshow" to see the pictures in full size, as a slideshow.


The Chinese Erhu

Much can be learned about violin playing by watching and hearing a great erhu player.  The erhu is an indigenous Chinese stringed instrument which is played with a bow, similar to a violin bow.  The instrument has two strings, the D string and the A string, which are identical in pitch to the violin's D and A strings.  It is played on the lap, not under the chin like a violin.

Our New Violin Romance Recordings Web Site....MoodMusic! And our new CD release, "Call of the Muse".

Our new updated web site launched on Thanksgiving Day! I am thrilled by the new sophisticated, sensual look of the site, which reflects the sound and mood of our music.

I’m especially excited by all the new audio features. Our visitors can now hear selected previews of every audio track of every CD. We also have a music player box on the Violin Radio Page, which allows our web site guests to hear 12 complete Violin Romance CD tracks in their entirety!

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