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The importance and relevance of music and musicians

Welcome Address to parents of incoming music students at the Boston Conservatory

Karl Paulnack -- 9/1/2004

Our latest CD has been Grammy submitted

My latest CD, "Call of the Muse" has been submitted as a Grammy Contender for "Best New Age Album", entry number 83, for the 2010 Grammy's.  It was submitted by the Grammy committee of the National Academy for Recording Arts and Sciences.

Our new recession busting prices

We've lowered the price on all our CD's!  Formerly priced at $17, all our CD's are now $12 if you purchase from us through PayPal.  And this price INCLUDES shipping! 

Remember that our CD's are lavishly and colorfully packaged to make elegant and romantic gift items.  Now you can make a "splash" with that special someone at much less cost. 

At your request, we will also send the CD directly to the recipient of your choice with a note from you! 

An amusing gig story

One time, while playing a concert with the Dallas Chamber Orchestra before a large audience in The Church of the Transfiguration (referred to us musicians as "The Fig"), complete in white tie and tails, I fell off the stage in the middle of the performance. The orchestra was on risers, and I was sitting in a chair on the edge, at the back of the first violin section.

The moral and practical case against File Sharing

"We, as consumers, should be eager to repay those who produce products and services that bring immense value to our lives.  The people who make our favorite movies and our favorite music are not our slaves or servants.

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