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Blogging from Joe Pool Lake-the Computer revolution

I am sitting outside on the lake at “The Oasis” Restaurant and Marina, having a beer and some chips and blogging via wireless internet. This is a trip! Technology has really revolutionized the field of communications and entertainment.

My Interview with

My CD, “Melodia” is sold at a site called which specializes in mood music and new age recordings. Below is my “interview” with them where I answered interview questions online. Much of my answers revolve around my music in “Melodia”, but I talk about other stuff too. Here it is:

ACM: From your albums, which three tracks are your favorites and why? Start from the one you like most.

Never say Never. I’m Musing on a new Recording

After making “Melodia”, I thought I was going to have to be hospitalized, or at least checked in for some electro-shock therapy. This CD cut a lot of new ground for me. I wrote, orchestrated, produced, and performed all the music. Plus I’m a perfectionist, so I drove myself crazy for 2 years. Actually, writing the music was fun! But when it was over, I said “Never again”. I lied.

My latest conception will also be new. It will be solo violin only, “a capella”, with no accompanying ensemble.

The Violin is my Singing Voice

Welcome to my first Blog ever! I’m not sure yet what I’m doing with this blog stuff, so bear with me as I learn how to do this!

For those of you who love violin music, or who are simply fans of my recordings, I thought I’d give you a brief version of my philosopy of violin playing.

For me, the violin is an extension of the singing voice. Indeed, the violin seems to be planted in, and grow right out of, the players throat when he plays. (The “butt” of the violin rests against the player’s neck.)

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