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Tasteful tune used to demonstrate tasty wedding dress

One of the tracks of my original music from my CD, "Melodia", was used as the theme music for this music video demonstrating the creation of an edible bridal gown and veil made of pure icing, created and applied to a beautiful female model. The video is "tasteful" in all senses of that word, and so is the music!

Old promo artist portrait

Here is an old photo portrait taken for my brochure quite a few years ago. It was shot in an old garage.

Played in a back-up orchestra for Kenny G and his band on December 23rd.

Of course, I had to get a picture with him during the rehearsal.

Gary and Kenny G

Artist Picture of Gary Schnitzer, taken in October 2013

Gary Schnitzer


Pre storm sunset

This picture was snapped prior to a thunderstorm which blew in over the lake around sunset time.  This was shot from my pontoon boat anchored in a cove, on Joe Pool Lake in South Grand Prairie, Tx.  The huge cloud formation looks like either an angel, or a giant housefly.  You decide. 

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