Listener Comments

About "Heart's Desire"

While I love all of Gary's work (and I must say he continues to out-do himself), I think Heart's Desire may be my favorite. His violin playing is remarkable, displaying technical perfection, and he plays with such passion that the listener can't help but get pulled right into the music. Many selections on this particular CD have a longing or wistfulness to them that makes you want to snuggle up with your sweetie for an entire evening or Sunday afternoon. Beautiful piece of work!!

-Heather A., Chicago, Illinois

About "Melodia"

As a musician myself, I would highly recommend this album to anyone who wants to embark on an uplifting voyage. Comfortably curled up on a velvety Persian magic rug wouldn't adequately describe it.

The album is a magical tour de force that effortlessly whisks you to a whole new plane of sensations. For example, Out of the Darkness offers a promise of hope, an impending spring, blooming flora.

Gary's composition is a seamless amalgamation of different themes and genres (classical and contemporary). Every unique piece tells its own story. The music is so beguiling that I was hard pressed to pick my favorites. However, I particularly connnected with Out of the Darkness, Ice Lake, Last Waltz and Salute to the Torchbearer.

I got the CD five days ago, and have been playing it incessantly since. Household morale has never been higher :)

Bravo Gary!

-Sherie Oh, Singapore

About "Dances with Strings"

You want AWESOME, this man and friends are consummate musicians.

This Album is a free-style dancers dream. Light and shade, drama and sorrow, interchange of tempos and a wealth of opportunities to wow the audiences not only with the prowess of Mr. Schnitzer and friends virtuosity, but with your own ability to show the beauty of dance. Thank You.

-Kristine Mcalister, Australia

You did it again --- ‘Serenade’ is a beautiful recording! Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent.
Estee, Baton Rouge, LA
Listening to you play makes me yearn to become a violinist again. You really play with your soul, and select such beautiful pieces. Every time I listen to ‘Somewhere in Time’, I am always on the verge of tears because it sounds so sad and emotional. You’re a brilliantly gifted violinist. Keep up the beautiful work!
Rosalyn, Dallas, TX
Heart's Desire
Violin at its captivating, heartwarming best!
Anna M., Newport News, VA
Review by The Muse
After a week of non-stop listening to your new CD, Serenade, I am once again in awe of your mastery of the violin. Please send a dozen more. My customers are enchanted and delighted with it, too!
Julia, Owner, The Muse Book and Gift Shop, Dallas, TX
Customer Review
I just wanted to extend my personal thanks to you and your ensemble for the wonderful music you provided for us at our Biltmore Collection presentation event in April. Your contribution to the evening was absolutely perfect, just as I anticipated it would be! The "reviews" are still coming in and by all accounts the evening was a truly memorable experience for everyone that attended. The beautiful environment that was created for the presentation of our new Biltmore Collection far exceeded everyone's expectations and you all were certainly an integral part of its success. It was indeed a pleasure having you with us for the evening. Thanks, again, for everything.
Larry E., Wylie, TX
Customer Review
While Gary's music has always moved my emotions, MELODIA is his most consistently evocative collection to date. The pure tones of his violin send shivers of delight, even bliss, throughout my body, and the melodies arouse the full range of emotions - especially the high endorphin producing ones!
Steven M., Little Rock, AR
Customer Review
Schnitzer’s violin becomes a beautiful voice, sometimes crisp and lively, sometimes filled with profound yearning, always right for the moment. This music endures. It uplifts the spirit and never grows old.
Michael Wilkinson, Sculptor, New York, NY