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New recording tracks finished

All tracks to my new recording “Spirit Call” are now done. All that is left is figuring out song order and then the final mastering process.

“Spirit Call” is a CD of solo violin, no accompanment, playing “spiritual chants” and meditative modes. A lot of the style was drawn from the native American flute music of Carlos Nakaii.

One of the tracks from this upcoming recording is on my music “jukebox” on my MySpace page. It is called “Sunset Chant”.

Editing new recording

Now that I have my new super duper brand new spangled computer, I am currently editing the remaining tracks of my new recording, tentatively titled “Spirit Call”.  This is a very simple recording:  just violin alone, a capella, playing meditative chant music, sort of a cross between Native American flute music and Asian flute music.  Haunting and reflective, and purely improvisational.

Upcoming Gallery Performances March 28 and 29

Myself, and world class guitarist Chris Carrington will be performing together at a special Gallery reception/presentation of the sculpture of Frederick Hart, at Southwest Gallery in Dallas. We will be playing 6-9 on Friday March 28th, and 2-5 on Saturday, March 29th. Admission is free and open to the public.

Notes on Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”

For those that don’t know, “Canon in D” by Pachelbel has become the most popular bridal processional music. It has replaced the traditional wedding recessional by Mendelssohn.

Pachelbel’s Canon is also a spectacularly lovely piece of music for any festive occasion. It is also popular just for the pure, enthralling pleasure of listening to it. It was written around 1680. Talk about a “Golden Oldie”!

80,000 music track plays on our MySpace page

Violin Romance Recordings will have had 80,000 plays of it’s tracks on our MySpace page ( by the end of Christmas Day, if not earlier. Now THAT’S a Christmas present!

Thanks to all our fans and listeners for this gift of the season!

And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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